Craft to me is meditation. It is a connection to the natural world and an endless journey towards perfection. I live for moments where my hand feels like an extension of my tools and where I become one with my material as ever-thin shavings fall onto the floor of my workshop.


Neutra House WideNeutra House Wide

This journey started in 2014 when I was tasked to repackage a speaker. I used that challenge as an opportunity to delve into the world of luthiery, building the necessary tools and practicing the necessary skills involved in the artform. The result of that project, through 6+ prototypes, was "rvrb", a speaker constructed as is an acoustic guitar, able to provide the warm, booming resonance only natural wood can create.


I got addicted. All my money went to assembling a workshop in which could build these instruments and much more through the night.


The following are the results of that addiction.


ophelia: my yearlong foray into the trials and tribulations of turning a box of wooden pieces into a living instrument capable of dulcet resonance.


daisy: she's electric, she's punchy & she's confident. crafted from vermont quilted maple and sapele mahogany, my first electric instrument allowed me to apply a more "powered" approach to instrument craft. 


kalea & leila: with a few instruments under my belt, I was commissioned to produce a series of ukuleles. cuter than their guitar counterparts, these are western red cedar, sapele mahogany & camphor burl.

(in process)

thank you