karmie is about connecting people to help us do good together.

We connect volunteers, donors, organizations, and nonprofits to each other. We aim to foster a strong civil society within the greater Los Angeles area. Karmie gives nonprofits the tools to more effectively reach donors and volunteers, while also providing a platform for fundraising, all the while incentivizing users to engage with their local communities.

we learn which causes you care about and introduce you to local partner organizations that help


strengthening los angeles’ civic culture

It's easy to feel isolated living in LA. It's a huge city, and it can be hard to find community. Activism and volunteering are one of the best ways to find people who believe in the things you care about; these things make people feel empowered and connected.

building a culture that places empathy, accountability, & ownership of causes front and center

why an eternal knot?
The centuries old symbol stands for an intertwining of wisdom and compassion. It is centering. It is unifying. We are inspired by the Buddhist ideals from which it is inspired and want to spread the empathy for which it stands.

a platform for any non-profit cause dedicated to community engagement

It's easy to feel the overwhelming sense of social unrest that affects today's culture. Out of that grows frustration & the fight for human equality and social equity. This leaves people eager to organize further. We are here to present volunteering as a form of involved activism, opening up channels for small, well organized NGOs to tap into the fire people feel so we can create positive impact collectively. 

doing good has intrinsic award. we make that visible by making your impact transparent.

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volunteer management system: all the tools organizations need to bring people together to do good

coming soon.